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Instagram Reel Podcast Cover Photo...

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Reel #1...

     Caption : " Listen in as Dr. JoQueta explores the connection between brain and gut          health. View the entire interview here :: "

Reel #2...

     Caption : " Did you know that Brilliant Blends' Adapt & Enrich were created by Dr. JoQueta to honor the children and parents affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder? Listen in as Dr. JoQueta explains. Find the entire interview here :: "

Reel #3...

     Caption : " Functional mushrooms, like the ones used in our Brilliant Blends, work better together. Here's why Dr. JoQueta believes in the power of "stacking 'shrooms" to give your body the maximum effects of these powerhouse adaptogens. Watch the full conversation here ::"

Debut of commercial...
    Caption : " Have you been on a quest for natural alternatives to traditional medicine? @ForbesRiley is excited to share what ADAPT & ENRICH can do for you!"

Post #4...

     Caption : " According to Dr. JoQueta, founder and chief visionary of Brilliant Blends, at least one hour of REM sleep a night is necessary; two is ideal. Are you getting the sleep you deserve? ENRICH by Brilliant Blends is here to help. Learn more here :: " (8).jpg

Post #5...

     Caption : " Why Medicinal Mushrooms are Magic for Human Health ::
You can’t spell adaptogenic without ADAPT. Adaptation is key, and mushrooms?


They’re the masters. 

Surviving ice ages, floods, even the comet that wiped out dinosaurs—they’ve seen it all. Just like in the forest, where mycelial networks nurture trees, we believe mushrooms work their magic within us too. " (12).jpg

Post #6...

     Caption : " Medicinal mushrooms are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds. That nourishes your brain and body. Our Brilliant Blends make it easy. Discover how here :: " (13).jpg

Post #7...

     Caption : " @ForbesRiley has discovered the secrets of adaptogens in our Brilliant Blends, ADAPT & ENRICH.  Get yours today and receive 10% off using code FORBES10 at "


Post #8...

     Caption : " Our Brilliant Blends are premium adaptogens. They contain no sugar, starch, preservatives, binders, extenders, chemical additives, colors, or flavors.


Just clear, calm brilliance.


Find the one that is right for you, or stack both for maximum impact, at "


Post #9...

     Caption : " Curious as to how our Brilliant Blends are manufactured? 

☀️Doctor formulated

☀️High-quality clinical-grade sourcing

☀️40 yr old company

☀️Top certifications in manufacturing standards held in the US

☀️All locally sourced farms within 200 miles of our facility to assure the highest quality control

So you can be assured that you are getting clear, calm brilliance in every bottle. Available at, get 10% with code FORBES10. "


Post #10...

     Caption : " ENRICH is for energy, focus, and mood elevation. ADAPT is for stress, sleep, and memory. Take them separately or stack them for maximum benefit.

Grab them both today at and us code FORBES10 for 10% off.

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