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Hays House 1857

Branding/Logo, Merch, Menu, Website, Social Media, Events, Apparel

Full Branding, Digital Media, Website, and more. We were given carte blanche to re-brand and shout the messages of Hays House 1857 Restaurant & Tavern from the rooftops. In 2023, our social media efforts reach over 250,000 people.

Council Grove, Kansas

Branding/Logo, Website, Social Media, Merch, Apparel, Events, Poster, Brochure, Sign, Sticker, Map, Magazine

Full Travel & Toursim Branding, Digital Media, and 60-page Printed and Digital Guide. Council Grove, Kansas, was looking for a dynamic solution to attract tourists outside of its municipal branding. Ad Astra Directive, in partnership with the Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association, created the ideal logo system, website, and visitor's guide to make their dreams a reality.

Chase County, Kansas

Branding/Logo, Social Media, Website, Events, Map

Full Branding and Digital Media. Chase County, Kansas knows how wonderful it is, and they entrusted us to tell the world! Through the creation of a new logo system, new website, digital media campaigns, printed materials, and more, we're telling the story of this special place in the heart of the Flint Hills.

Services Unlimited

Branding/Logo, Website, Sign, Apparel

Logo and Website. Services Unlimited is a longstanding business with a focus on service and quality. We were honored to bring a more modern flair to the logo, while creating a website their clients could learn from and trust.

Knuckle Sandwiches

Branding/Logo, Menu, Merch, Apparel, Website

Full Branding and Website Creation. Knuckle Sandwiches is a start-up that wanted to pack a BIG punch. Jon deftly guided them through the process and created a logo that sings across digital platforms, signage, social media... down to the smallest of details -- sandwich flags.

Erichsen Agri-Motive NAPA


Logo. Erichsen Agri-Motive wanted a new brand that would stand out in the crowd. Jon created a fully customized logo that will serve them well now and in the future.

Liberty Craft Brewing

Branding/Logo, Menu, Poster, Sign, Events, Merch, Apparel, Sticker, Postcard, Social Media, Website

Full Branding, Digital Media, Website, and more. We loved taking this small-town brewery from a local-favorite to a well-known must-visit.

United Way of Mid-Maine


Printed Media. The United Way of Mid-Maine wanted a unique printed piece that would standout in the crowd and deliver the messages of a very special campaign. And, that's exactly what we gave them.

Town of Thorndike, Maine

Branding/Logo, Poster, Events, Social Media, Apparel, Banner, Flyer

Full Branding, Events, Merchandise, and more. This sleepy town in Maine wanted to focus on economic development so we branded them, hosted events that brought thousands to town, and organized community groups to keep our efforts going strong into the future.

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